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MTD Recalls Log Splitters Due to Amputation Hazard

Log Splitters

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Date of Recall:
Thursday, December 10th, 2009

CPSC Release Number:

Manufactured In:
United States

Company Phone Number:
(888) 848-6038

About 26,000 in the United States and 2,100 in Canada

MTD Products Inc, of Cleveland, Ohio

Sold By:
MTD Gold24BF510B004Hardware Stores
MTD Gold24BF510E204Hardware Stores
MTD Gold24BF570L004Hardware Stores
MTD Gold24BF570F204Hardware Stores
Troy-Bilt24BF572B766Hardware Stores
Troy-Bilt24AD597D766Hardware Stores
Yard Machines24BF552B729Home Depot
Yard Machines24BF550B029Home Depot & Walmart
Cub Cadet24BF572B756Home Depot
Cub Cadet24BF572B710Independent Dealers
Cub Cadet24AD598A010Independent Dealers
Troy-Bilt24BF572B766Independent Dealers
Troy-Bilt24AD597D766Independent Dealers
MTD24BF550M006Walmart & Menards

The control handle of the log splitter could fail to automatically return to the neutral position as it should and could fail to stop the splitting wedge from moving forward, posing a risk of amputation to consumersí hands and fingers.

None reported.

The following log splitter brand names and model numbers are included in this recall. They were sold in red, black and yellow in 21, 25, 27 and 33 ton models. The model number is located on the frame near the engine. Log splitters manufactured from November 2008 through October 2009 are included in this recall. Only models with certain serial numbers are included in this recall.

Brand Name Model Number Sold In:
MTD Gold 24BF510B004 Hardware Stores
MTD Gold 24BF510E204 Hardware Stores
MTD Gold 24BF570L004 Hardware Stores
MTD Gold 24BF570F204 Hardware Stores
Troy-Bilt 24BF572B766 Hardware Stores
Troy-Bilt 24AD597D766 Hardware Stores
Troy-Bilt 24BF572B711 Lowe's
Troy-Bilt 24AD597D711 Lowe's
Yard Machines 24BF552B729 Home Depot
Yard Machines 24BF550B029 Home Depot & Walmart
Cub Cadet 24BF572B756 Home Depot
Cub Cadet 24BF572B710 Independent Dealers
Cub Cadet 24AD598A010 Independent Dealers
Troy-Bilt 24BF572B766 Independent Dealers
Troy-Bilt 24AD597D766 Independent Dealers
MTD 24BF550M006 Walmart & Menards
Craftsman 247.77640 Sears
Craftsman 247.77641 Sears

Consumers should immediately stop using the recalled log splitters and contact MTD Products Inc. to determine if their log splitter is included in the recall, to receive inspection instructions and to receive a free repair if needed.

Consumer Contact:
For additional information, contact MTD toll free at (888) 848-6038 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. ET Monday through Friday, and on Saturdays between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. ET, or visit the firmís Web site at

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