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Frigidaire and Electrolux ICON Electric Smoothtop Cooktops and Slide-In Ranges Recalled Due to Fire Hazard

Frigidaire and Electrolux ICON Smoothtop Electric Cooktops and Frigidaire Slide-in Ranges with rotary knobs and digital displays

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Date of Recall:
Thursday, October 21st, 2010

CPSC Release Number:

Manufactured In:

Company Phone Number:
(888) 281-5310

About 122,000

Electrolux Home Products Inc., of Charlotte, N.C.

Sold By:
Mass merchandise and independent retail stores from January 2005 through August 2010 for between $500 and $2,500.

Liquids can pool under the control knob and cause the surface heating element to turn on unexpectedly, heat to temperatures other than expected and then not turn off, posing a risk of fire and burn hazards to consumers.

Electrolux has received 70 reports of incidents, including three reports of fires that resulted in property damage. Three minor burn injuries were reported.

This recall involves Frigidaire and Electrolux ICON smoothtop electric cooktops and Frigidaire slide-in ranges with rotary knobs and digital displays. Model and serial numbers for the slide-in ranges can be found inside the oven door on the left side of the unit or on the underside surface on cooktop models. The following model and serial numbers are included in this recall:

Frigidaire Serial Number Range and Models
Serial Number Range: NF501XXXXX through NF952XXXXX
Model Numbers GLEC30S9EB

Consumers should immediately stop using and unplug the recalled ranges or power off cooktops at the circuit breaker. Contact Electrolux for information on how to obtain a free repair kit.

Consumer Contact:
For additional information, contact Electrolux at (888) 281-5310 between 8 a.m. and 10 p.m. ET Monday through Saturday or visit the firmís website at (Frigidaire) or (Electrolux).

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  User Comments  
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This company is the worst!!! Why do you issue a recall if you don't plan on fixing the problem. On the website it is clear that my model number and serial number fall within the recalled numbers. All they know how to say is..."This unit is not part of the recall". I guess I, like the others, have learned a valuable lesson. DON'T BY FRIGIDAIRE!!!!What options do we have...?

TMudd 11/29/13 6:09PM

My stove top is covered under this recall but no one returned any information on my e-mail. This is a serious matter when your stove top turns on by itself and it heats up way past the stoves highest setting, I witness this myself. If I was not walking by the stove at the time it could have caused a fire. Because of your lack of concern I will never buy any of your products and will let others know of your lack of concern to remedy problems with your products!

Trusting 11/5/13 7:50AM

exact same thing happened here I called and they said mine was not one of the recalled ones will never buy another fridigare product and will tell everyone I know including facebook what a crap product that are turning out in Canada better off buying Chinese
in this case

jannoyes 10/1/13 5:11PM

My Frigidaire cooktop model displays the same symptoms, comes on by itself without turning the front control knob. After calling Frigidaire about my issue I was told my model was not covered under the recall. So let me get this straight, my hous has to burn to the ground before you decide to include my model number under the recall even after I have called and confirmed that my model is displyaing the same symptoms. Never again will i buy a Frigidaie/Electrolux appliance or product and will make sure everyone I know does the same.

Non-valued customer 6/25/13 1:44PM

burner came on high while we were eating breakfast,no way to turn off,clicked off breaker

Chip 6/1/13 3:17PM

These people are CRAZY and cheap. I had FLAMES coming off control panel, burnt up stailess steel crockpot, countertop (and probably wiring) Thier response - this is a FIX ONLY. I have crockpot image BURNED into the glass,all the want to do is replace controllers. Does anyone know class action - thank God we were home - this would have burned down our entire house.

Anyone have any more information please post. I will NEVER EVER trust ither company again! Frigidare stopped supporting recall - sent to Electrolux. We bought it two years ago - they say since we do not have receipt - they assume when last manufactured (mid-2007). We did not even BUY our house until 2008! Any suggestions?

Raff 4/22/13 12:17PM

Just had a small fire in my kitchen! Son came to me and says think you forgot something on the stove, I smell something burning. Walked in to find kitchen towel that was left on stove on fire! Knob was on off but burner was red hot. Noticed the digital numbers on the control panel was going from high numbers to low numbers and back again. It would not shut off! Turned off power at the electrical box, waited a few minutes turned back on now not only does my burners no longer work my oven wont turn on. I am so grateful that we were home and awake at the time. What a dangerous appliance!

Anonymous 4/7/13 8:56AM

Why weren't we notified by mail about the recall? If someone don't get on the computer and find out for themselves they would never know. When the fire started in my kitchen I had to turn the stove off at the control box. I called an authorized dealer and they came out and replaced the front panel which cost me
$300.00. He didn't say anything about the switches. When I called Frigidaie she said she was sending me the switches. I think I was taken by the authorized dealer, they should have known about the recall. when I called Frigidaire they gave me the same authorized dealer's number to call. I am not sure if I want them working on my stove.

Anonymous 10/13/12 9:06AM

This happened to me; I came into my kitchen one morning and found the single element position (middle rear) red hot and to my amazement the switch was off. I turned it off at the main electric panel; called an appliance repair man and had the switch replaced. Now almost 1 year later I found the same problem just before retiring for the night. This time I did some research (google/recalls) and found this recall. Resolution is unknown at this time. I am very lucky this was not the element that my tea pot was on and I was away for my winter vacation or asleep. This is not good.

Anonymous 8/18/12 11:22AM

If you have one of these stoves and they come to fix, make sure the fix on the knob connection is not for just the one that you saw come on by itself. Had fix done but they only did one and later on another one came on by itself and started a fire in my kitchen. Be careful with this product!!!

g2dogs 4/30/12 4:44PM

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